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Installing and Starting Parser Programs


In order to run parser programs the following software need to be installed: Java Virtual Machine version 1.3.1 or later.


1. Get an up-to-date version of the parsers at 2. Unzip the downloaded file ( into a temporary directory. 3. Download the flat-files from LIGAND, ENZYME, EcoCyc and MetaCyc. 4. Unzip the flat-files into a temporary directory. 5. Execute biosilico.bat with options, and then you can see the result files in the current directory.

Running Parsers and Setting Options

The parsers can execute like this: java parser_type flat_file. (Example) java LigandCompound D:/KEGG/29/compound parser_type: 1. LigandCompound: for Ligand's compound 2. LigandECTableParser: for Ligand's ECtable 3. LigandReaction: for Ligand's reaction
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